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New high performance hardware
Geosat 6 APRS comes with a slim and stylish design featuring a metal chassis, a 4.8" full colour display in 16:9 widescreen format and a smart magnetic mount that makes it is very easy to place the navigator in the car. Geosat 6 APRS has a renewed interface with a 50 channel – 160 dbm tracking sensitivity u-blox GPS engine for fast and highly accurate fix.

New navigation functions have been added such as the "Trip Computer" that shows overview of the journey, with speed graphs, info about average speed, highest speed reached, stop time etc. Turn-by-turn vocal instructions announce complete street names thanks to the Text-to-Speech technology.

Full bi-directional RS-232 APRS communication
The Geosat 6 APRS comes with a Kenwood-ready cable and exclusive APRS bi-directional RS-232 APRS interface compatible with ALL current APRS ready Kenwood Radios, including the new TH-D72A/E. Geosat 6 APRS provides GPS location information for your transmitted APRS beacons, and it shows received APRS information on its map display. The unit can store up to 1000 APRS contacts and display them on the map.

Intercept To Target
You can set your Geosat 6 APRS to navigate to your favorite APRS mobile station and get rerouting instructions when the new position is reported!

APRS icons
Watch APRS activity right on the screen and you can distinguish between fixed anmobile APRS stations. Static positions are represented by blue bulls-eye icons alongwith the associated call sign. If used with a Kenwood D710A/E and if set in the KENWOOD formatsentence, the Geosat 6 APRS supports standardized APRS icons.

Tactical Mode
Geosat 6 APRS fully takes advantage of the Kenwood format sentence. The Tactical mode allows you to select an APRS contact to see on the full info page its speed, course and altitude in addition to its call sign and position.

APRS contacts management
Thanks to the new APRS contacts smart management, Geosat 6 APRS can auto-delete the received APRS contacts' positions after a set timeout. You can also sort your APRS contacts by alphabetical order or receiving time.

The GPS solution for APRS operations
The Geosat 6 APRS comes with a Kenwood-ready cable. Connect the APRS cable directly into Geosat 6 APRS serial port and into your APRS Radio transceiver

Other accessories included in the box:
• Holder
• Car charger
• Home charger
• USB cable for PC connection

• Dimensions and weight: 133.6 x 83.4 x 21 mm; 270 g
• Memory Support: Secure Digital
• Display: touch screen LCD 4.8", 65536 colors
• Resolution: 480 x 272 pixel
• Automatic Brightness Control
• Processor: 520 MHz
• GPS receiver: u-blox 50 channels
• RAM: 64 MB
• Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
• mini USB port
• Serial port for Bi-directional NMEA communication
• Built-in speaker
• Audio output for earphones
• Included Accessories: smart mount, car charger, power supply cable, USB cable, APRS cable

• Operative System: Windows CE
• Software: AvMap with free updates
• 2D, 3D and night view
• Multiple destinations: up to 10 waypoints
• The best route: the fastest, the shortest
• Customize your trip: choose to avoid Toll roads, walkways, ferry routes, u turns, highways, unpaved roads, built-up areas.
• Lane Assistant
• Stop planner
• Trip Computer
• Turn-by-turn vocal instructions with text-to-speech

• SD card preloaded with maps of North America

APRS operations
• Full bi-directional RS-232 APRS communication
• Compatible with NMEA and Kenwood format sentences 4800 and 9600 baud rate
• Intercept to target function
• Tactical mode
• Store up to 1000 APRS contacts
• APRS contacts auto-delete
• APRS contacts sorting
• Standard APRS icons

Compatible with all current APRS ready Kenwood Radios:
• TH-D7A/E
• TM-D700A/E
• TM-D710A/E
• TH-D72A/E

Geosat Suite The Geosat Suite is a PC application that helps you keeping your Geosat 6 APRS up-to-date with the latest software and maps, it allows you to customize your content and share it with your friends. You can download Geosat suite from

APRS© was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

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